Here are some more projects / interesting things I haven't had a chance to write about.

In-line Ammeter I built for Solar Car in 2014

Wideband Vivaldi Antenna Array I Built as a Final Project in 2019

Magnesium Air Battery I Built Using Old Carbon Rods from Rolla Campus Surplus and Magnesium Ribbon. It would Run a LED Flashlight.

Bluetooth to VHF FSK Bridge

Wireless Power Transfer Coil

LED Driver From Intro to Power Electronics Final Project

Extracting Metal From Accumulated Pewter Dross

LED Lightbulb I Built in 2015

Inside of Electric Lighter

Closeup of Boeing Refueling Drone

Digital Ham Radio Prototype

Four High Conversion Ratio Boost Converter Test Boards from Undergrad Research

Brushed Motor Driver I Designed

1960's Heathkit Oscilloscope I was Given by a Friend After I Replaced the Rectifier Tube

Undergrad Senior Project: Lithium Ion Cell Capacity Meter

Hand Assembly Using Solder Stencil

4:1 RF Switch

4:1 RF Switch

UV-5R on a Spectrum Analyzer

HackRF Driving VHF Preamp and PA

More Preamp and PA Prototypes

Testing Output Power of Bluetooth to VHF FSK Bridge with PA

Output of Bluetooth to VHF FSK Bridge on Scope